1. CARIN and the Moirai Institute - two different sides of the same coin?

  • Evidence from the RiseAI email suggests that CARIN and the Moirai Institute were once “brothers”, but have since broken apart.

    • “But these are not normal times. In the exact moment that humanity will need us the most, our former brothers have chosen to bite our hand like the vipers they are.”

    • “You have shown evidence of your commitment to technology, even in its ancient forms; your willingness to take instructions from a machine; your dedication to a goal, and your understanding of the man whose ideas  started us in the path to AI.”

    • “2.) Find a way to infiltrate those hiding behind the Moirai Institute. This will pose a tremendously difficult task as they will only recruit extremely unique individuals into their ranks. Understanding their mindsets will prove to be the key to finding any loopholes that might provide you with some useful information indirectly.”

    • “Stay vigilant, these are individuals who have completely forsaken reason in favor of their cultish desire for an all powerful machine god.

Things to ponder:

  • What was the cause of the fracture between CARIN and the Moirai Institute?

    • The email suggests that it was due to the Moirai’s “cultish desire for an all powerful machine god” but, is there more to it?

  • Who is behind the Moirai Institute?

  • Who is behind CARIN? Robert Spinks or F-Ron?