It is with great sadness in our hearts that we announce the passing of our founder, mentor and friend Brian Dyfodol. The world has lost a shining star.

While others were starting to talk about the abstract possibility of using robotics to help autistics. Brian went ahead and founded CARIN purely with his own money. From those early days when the center was struggling to survive month to month, Brian was an inspiration and a strength for all of us to keep going. Whenever things were hard, he motivated us to remain hopeful, and when things were going well, he pushed us into being even more ambitious in our goals. Brian was often found either mentoring our youngest inductees, joking with staff, building robots, or giving inspirational speeches to packed auditoriums.

Now the center he founded is on firm financial ground and expanding, the discipline he helped create has gained wide acceptance, and people understand that robotics can be a tool for loving care. Our only wish is that Brian could have been with us a bit longer to see how his example and ever present inspiration will take us even further over the upcoming years.

Extra Notes

  • Brian is actually a tribute to the late Brian Clark.
  • The word Dyfodol is welsh for "Future".