Efficiency is a term that many of us are familiar with, a reference to the ways in which technology has hastened our ability to not only learn, but communicate and execute certain functions. Our Chief Technology Officer Cianna Pyke has heard that term many times in her years attending Wharton Business School, where she graduated summa cum laude, and then in her pursuit of a PhD in computer science and intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; her dissertation about the depth and health of relationships between humanoid AI with humans in comparison to non humanoid AI was initially spurned by the tech community, but found prominence and acceptance as she continued along in her career.

She began her professional career as a consultant for startups and failing businesses; her focus on maximizing both AI and human efficiency made her a force to be reckoned with as she catapulted lesser-known names into the limelight and successfully brought numerous companies back from the brink. Despite immense success and continual requests for her work, she noticed a missing element: accessibility and enjoyability for those involved. Increased efficiency in the workplace did not necessarily mean a healthy work environment and an efficient program did not mean one that was easily understood or enjoyable for those who required it.

With these notes in mind, Cianna left consultation and instead started a small company that revolutionized the way that we interact with AI: she gave them a face. Her first programs found their place as add-ons for various social media platforms and browsers; they served as assistants and guides to their users, constructing a more understandable and pleasant experience. Many users continue to browse with their companions, even when they have gained mastery over navigating a certain website or using a once difficult program.

While her company gave us an easier way to understand and navigate technology, it also led the industry in terms of work conditions, prioritizing the needs of employees and actively working to create an environment that balanced efficiency and good mental health through weekly seminars, various office activities, and attempting to create a horizontal, rather than vertical, hierarchy.

Hungry Samurai is more than pleased to have Cianna as our CTO. Her accomplishments are directly in line with our goal to create a healthy and accessible service for those who hold skills that are otherwise undervalued or unsuited for traditional work environments.

Extra Notes

  • Seems to be based of a real person called Cianna Stewart, who was probably a backer for the Kickstarter