Technical Aspects

Abigail initially used a chip from her phone to help build Crabby.


Timeline and References

August and September 2015

  • August 17 - Emily tweets about Abigail finishing Crabby - Finally made it home! I am so impressed w/ Abigail, while I was in class she finished her robot!
  • August 17 - Emily shares where Crabby gets name - @GuestUser17 Yes! she labeled him Crabby! Cause it looks like a little crab. :-)
  • August 17 (published on Sept. 2) - Footage of Emily finding Crabby - Video of Emily looking at Crabby. H4181TA1 uses it when asking about "cute".
  • August 18 - Emily shares selfie of her and Crabby - @Scarygami It'sactually better than the selfie I attempted to take of me & Crabby last night. #shortarms LOL
  • Emilyandcrabby
  • August 18 - Abigail Wakes Up Crabby - video - shared in Emily's blog post - Congrats Abigail.
  • August 21 - Abigail chooses a picture of Crabby as her Twitter Avatar - @EPearlhouse how about a picture of crabby?
  • August 22 - ABigail tweets about Crabby speed - @wixx56 Robots are the best. but crabby is still very slow, will have to work a lot on him.
  • August 24 - Abigail tweets Emily about using her phone - @EPearlhouse no, the main chips from my old phone are still part of crabby.
  • August 24 - Charles mentions seeing the Emily looking at Crabby video - @EPearlhouse I just saw your video playing with the crabby robot.
  • August 25 - Abigail tweets to Emily about being able to work on Crabby - @EPearlhouse its all thanks to you, if you hadn't let me stay at your place/work on crabby I wouldn't have found acceptance letter in time to Emily about being able to work on Crabby
  • August 25 - Abigail uses parts from INsitute workshop to make Crabby an alarm clock - @EPearlhouse I found some parts in the workshop and gave crabby alarm clock functionality.
  • August 26 - when Abigail meets H - H references Crabby - @EPearlhouse @aemathgeek Yes, I am aware that you have built a crustacean-inspired robot with alarm clock functionality.
  • August 30 - Abigail replies to Emily tweet about who is at the Institute - @EPearlhouse just crabby and me.
  • September 17 - Abigail Tweets about Crabby and her phone chip. - POZZIinNY @EPearlhouse no, crabby already has my old phone chip, and charles didn't know I wasnt leaving with him
  • September 18, - Abigail Works on Crabby is a video posted by H4181TA1 for Abigail.
  • September 19, - Abigatil Tweets - have some vital data to analyze now and mapping to do with help of Crabby. thank you all so much for your help!
  • September 20 - Abigail Tweets about using Crabby to map the Institute - crabby is helping me map the place, he can sneak bellow camera levels, but even with his help it will take days
  • September 23 - Tweets about Crabby helping map - Gerwin Sturm tweeted - @EPearlhouse "Upgraded Crabby is helping map the main building." 1/ - MoiraiBot @moiraibot Bfi\vnjn"?\vmmw"]u"gjcf]Xi"`vf"sgj"`v]X"mb]cn]Xi$"="naX!s"_aXs\ac"]Xu]nj"uj_b\]sw"ua"naX!s"gvoj"]Xda"Xjjnjn$
  • September 23 - Tweets about crabby helping map - from Gerwin - @EPearlhouse "I don't control inside security so don't have info needed." Any ideas what else we could ask him? 2/ MoiraiBot @moiraibot Bfi\vnjn"?\vmmw"]u"gjcf]Xi"`vf"sgj"`v]X"mb]cn]Xi$"="naX!s"_aXs\ac"]Xu]nj"uj_b\]sw"ua"naX!s"gvoj"]Xda"Xjjnjn$ @Scarygami

Extra Notes