An Emory Engineering graduate with a PhD in Psychology, Robert is an Atlanta native with a vested interest in the diagnosis and acclimation of autistics to a world that isn’t catered to them. Once one of the world’s foremost experts in job automation at the F-RON Corporation, Robert decided to cash his stock options and dedicate the last ten years to philanthropy, funding research to help individuals with neurological conditions have a better life. In 2013 Robert accepted his current position at CARIN, and since then he has invested his efforts in helping autistic individuals on all points of the spectrum. Robert is very hands-on with the robotics upgrades, working very closely with staff engineers in developing and testing his newest prototypes for robots housed at the center.

Extra Notes

  • Robert image is actually of Robert Pratten
  • In the source code of Robert description this text is hidden - how many more innocent people must suffer and die so that we humans can keep (wrongly) believing that we are competent enough to run humanity fairly