NoxAletheia is the pseudonym of the author of The Conspiracy Night Star, launched in 1997.


HIdden Information


1. Hidden in the main CNS document source code is the following:<font color="#ffffff">I have to confess to having walked many Asian restaurant back alleys with a bento box packed with $60-a-roll sushi whenever The Puzzlemaker is rumored to be in town. But still no luck. For someone like me who has dedicated her entire life to find answers, meeting the man who has perfected the art of crafting questions would be a dream come true. I would honestly do anything for a chance to meet him.</font>

It is believed this is from the original creator, Nox. It is found right after the section about the Puzzlemaker


2. I know some of the things I am saying here may sound crazy to some. But I have seen the evidence for all of it and know it is likely mostly true (with some details that I might have misinterpreted). But this last thing I have to say really scares me even though I have no evidence for it. Still, I have to trust my instincts! Maybe it is my neurological condition, but one talent I have always had is seeing patterns and realizing when something is wrong. And that is what it feels like, wrong. Like the entire world is wrong. That extreme confluences of coincidences that should never happen statistically happen too often. I have calculated that in a rational universe only one of the conspiracies that I have included here could be possible, not all of them. It feels as though reality was not really real, if that makes any sense. I know this sounds crazy, but I live based on a commitment to the truth and I will not start avoiding it now. However, I am placing this hidden within the html so that only those who truly care to know will find it.

Again, I don't have any tangible evidence, but I believe that all is connected to Alan Turing. I am not saying that it is his fault, he has been a great inspiration to me as well as to countless others. But the strangeness seems to have started about the time that he improbably escaped the British police and became a lifelong international fugitive.

I hope this helps someone see the truths I can’t yet... and that the people with the strait jackets don't know how to read html comments...

Note from the anonymous re-poster:

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The Conspiracy Night Star was launched in 1997, when the internet was still young and naive, by someone writing under the pseudonym NoxAletheia. At first it received little to no attention, but as time passed and many of its predictions became true it gained more and more respect, inspiring all of us into the conspiracy movement. Even her predictions that turned out to be imprecise lead to considering and comprehending many patterns that opened the door to further conspiracies.

Then just months after having launched, the updates stopped coming. There are of course hundreds of conspiracy theories about what happened to NoxAletheia. Most people believe that she has disappeared. But the truth cannot be silenced! From that moment on there has always been at least one copy online of the Conspiracy Night Star. Every time one is taken down by unknown forces (or unpaid hosting bills) a new one pops up. It is with honor that I am taking my turn in re-posting this invaluable repository of knowledge.

Also note that from time to time you will see an annotated and expanded version of The Conspiracy Night Star go online. I am a conspiracy purist and I have re-posted it as it was after the posting by NoxAlethia. NoxAletheia was the greatest of us and her work deserves to be read unaltered. [for my separate musings and conspiracies you can read my personal conspiracy blog, if you can find it...]

I will try to keep this site up as much as possible (with the obvious exception of the times when safety requires a change of IP. As you know these are perilous times, they can see all that you write online, hear all you say near any machine, and now rumor is they also have the ability to predict even your thoughts over the network using your webcam to measure heartrate via changes in blood oxygenation. If you are as worried as I am, you should (re-)read The Conspiracy Night Star now

The Conspiracy Night Star by NoxAletheia

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The Unexplained

The Philadelphia Experiment:

It's 1943 and a US Navy ship by the name of Eldridge disappears in Philadelphia. It teleports 200 miles away to Virginia, is seen by eye witnesses, then appears back in Philadelphia. 

It has displaced about 10 minutes of time. 

Some crew members break down physically, others emotionally, and the government covers it up and plays it off as a brainwashing experiment and mass hallucination. 

It sounds like a really bad science fiction novel but we all know at this point that science fiction always has a grain of reality sewn into it. Time travel has always been dismissed as impossible; but if it was possible would they tell us? The government is more than willing to hide crucial and life changing technology from the public; they always keep us years behind on their developments. How many scientists have been paid off to shut up about time travel? But more importantly, if the government has control of time travel, how would we know that someone has gone back in time? How would we be able to spot the difference between the original and the altered timeline? 

We wouldn't. 

Think about that for a moment. We wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an alternate timeline and the original because to us they are all original. The only person/ people who could perceive the difference would be the person(s) that traveled. Think about the ramifications. Has the government been changing history this entire time? And I don't mean the history books because we all know that those are filled with nothing but propaganda and lies. I mean actual historical events, altering battles and conquests and economies. How do we know that this is the alpha timeline? What if the timeline we're living in is so far distant from the original that there's no hope of turning back?

Caligo Puzzlemaker

The legend of Caligo Puzzlemaker as commonly described: 

"The Puzzlemaker was a brilliant academic, autistic and with an incredibly high IQ; his single minded pursuit of knowledge led him to rapidly accumulate advanced degrees in completely different subjects, and by the age of 25 he was one of the most promising young professors in Europe. Multiple powerful organizations had him on their shortlist for recruitment. 

Then, one day, he suddenly left his prestigious academic position, abandoned his luxury apartment, and left all of his clothing and possessions behind. He professed that, in his studies, he had finally realized that enlightenment is not achieved by gaining knowledge, but only through a state of utter and complete confusion. He confessed that from that moment on he would dedicate the remainder of his life to creating a puzzle so challenging that it would force all of humanity to advance to a higher mental state. 

The Puzzlemaker claims to be able to project his mind at will over a parallel divergent dimension by creating in himself a state of perfect confusion, in his mind emulating the condition of a schrodinger box through the use of puzzles. He is considered crazy by many, while admired as a prophet by others who endeavor to follow in his path of puzzle enlightenment." 

The evidence of his existence and his impressive academic background check conclusively with only slight exaggeration. Most of his colleagues just assumed he had finally burned out under the immense academic pressure and long working hours without sleep he was infamous for. However, some of them will (off the record) admit there was more to his transition than the official story. 

In addition, it is believed that he favors Asian restaurants, and that he can be found living by dumpsters near such places. The rumor further says that, in exchange for a tribute of top-of-the-line fatty tuna sushi, he will talk to you and teach you some of his immense puzzle knowledge. His seemingly random sightings around the world tend to co-occur, often with bizarre and unexplained events of multiple varieties, at a rate much greater than chance probability could explain. 

The accounts I have found of people claiming to have met him are highly consistent. They all say that he is tall, slender, with waist long black hair, and surprisingly handsome for a man who lives on the streets. They all say that he spoke to them about the nature of reality, trans-dimensional travel, and having found and chatted with god, among other philosophical and theoretical physics topics no one could possibly grasp, along with "a few mild puzzles" thrown in for good measure. It is also consistent that everyone who claimed to have conversed with him spent time at a mental institution immediately afterwards. 

He will only answer to his chosen names, and seems to despise his given name (so I am not including here out of respect). Also, while it seems to be untrue that he requires the expensive sushi in order to talk to you, it is confirmed that he will in fact eat it. And when seeking to talk to a man with an intellect great enough to break your mind in half, I would strongly recommend some polite gesture at the very least. 

Secret Societies

Babylonian Brotherhood:

Our alien overlords are here and they disguise themselves in the skin of our most esteemed political figures, or rather they are our most esteemed political figures, for they have interfered with humanity from the very beginning. Hail the Babylonian Brotherhood, a group of overgrown reptiles here to cultivate and sabotage us to their content, our minds but simple playthings and pawns in their machinations. 

Accounts are conflicting: some say they come from another dimension, others say that they came from within the Earth's core, and still others say that they came from space. Like our invisible friends, these lizard people have been here from the very start, operating on a different spectrum of existence until precisely the right moment. They must have predicted or seen that we were the dominant life form on this planet and found us suitable to infiltrate, shaping history. This certainly explains a lot, The west was worlds behind the Americas, Africa and Asia, and yet somehow they managed to turn that around in a burst of conquest wholly dependent on disease, guns, and drugs. 

It makes you wonder. Did the reptiles try to start in the more advanced civilizations and were turned away? Or did they successfully infiltrate and weaken the structures such that Europe had an easier time of breaking down those civilizations and gaining a political foothold in societies more advanced than its own? The reptiles must have established themselves in monarchy, and then America once it broke off, putting themselves in a democratic system that we love to uphold as God. How democratic is it if political dynasties have ruled the presidency and Congress for decades, the elite shipped off to Ivy Leagues to mix with other elites and combine bloodlines to strengthen those dynasties? It's all a ploy, a grand plot put in place to put the brotherhood near the top! Their end goal? Only time will tell. 

My own research has revealed evidence for this conspiracy, even thought the brotherhood seems to have very few remaining members. Moreover, The most interesting aspect uncovered is that they seem more interested in being near power than being IN power. They like to find positions where they have access to highly influential individuals, then little by little convince them to take the most nonsensical course of action imaginable. I have evidence proving that many of the ridiculous actions taken on both sides of the Cold War were influenced by them. I don't currently have an answer as to why an advanced species would dedicate itself to seemingly childish endeavors; I have no choice but to classify them as the least dangerous of the secret societies.


I will not go into much detail about this because I know that no one is likely to believe me in this account. The reader may be thinking, "How can the NSA be in a list of secret societies that control the world if everyone knows that the NSA is the US government's "secret" spy agency?" This is where the trick lies -- to use a small spy agency that is supposed to spy on some people some of the time, and within it hide a massive organization that in fact spies on everyone, all the time. A scheme so diabolical it would frighten Keyser Soze. 

As I said, it's not likely anyone will believe me, but the National Security Agency is the most insidious administrative body within the U.S. government: it works for national security, and thus it has plausible reason to deny any external parties knowledge of its intelligence-gathering activities. This means they can gather any and all of our private communications without any ramifications. The scale of this collection of private data is literally unthinkable -- beyond human comprehension, and even beyond the capabilities of machine processing -- so it sits in multi-million-square-foot data storage facilities in Utah and other western states. Every conversation you have is recorded and stored. Every IRC chat, every email, every ICQ message.

Mega Corporate Conglomerate:

There are many types of patterns, some harder to see than others. Going over millions of financial and stock related documents I have found a fascinating pattern. F-Ron, Dishcast, and LTCM have accumulated an incredible amount of resources and power over the last 3 years. While none of those 3 corporations currently rank near the top 10 in market capitalization, there is a strong pattern where they invest in new market areas in quick succession to make them rapidly develop and make the corporations massive amounts of money. Then they seamlessly divide the market area without the cost of competing amongst themselves.  The strangest thing is that I have found no evidence of illegal collusion among the 3 corporations. Normally people are very bad at keeping secrets, and I am very good at doing research. I have a history of finding evidence of illegal meetings between powerful men. The most popular meeting place has been strip clubs; they write the trips off as charitable donations. Corrupt corporate executives are usually incompetent and greedy, and that is their downfall, but not this time. For these corporations there is nothing. Which makes me think that a secret group of people(likely white men), who are not the CEO and top paid executives (ALL white men), are secretly micromanaging all aspects of the 3 corporations. 

If this pattern continues these 3 corporations will become the most powerful entities in the entire world within a decade. But before then I will find some evidence against them at all cost.


This secret society is sometimes associated with the Babylonian Brotherhood discussed above, but is broader than that: they are the people and reptilians who control world affairs, who control the corporations and all world governments, who have funded both sides of every war for the last 300 years, who work towards establishing the dreaded New World Order. 

They involve themselves in Satanic rituals -- and yet they are the global elite. All presidents of the United States have been Illuminati. See this image of a George Washington statue, built around 1800 and originally placed in the U.S. Capitol Building, but eventually removed because of the resemblance to Baphomet, an occult demon worshiped by the Knights Templar (which would have been recognized by far more people in that era). 

Next time you engage in celebrity worship, think again: that A-lister whose outfit you want so badly to copy just might be kicking back tonight with the President, deciding which countries and regions will be at stake in whatever ideological warfare will come after the war on terror.

The Acolytes of the Great Machine:

The Acolythi Machinae (I think this is how it is written) is a secret group that believes that we humans are evolution's indirect way to lead to the perfect machine. A perfect entity capable of controlling the world without human corruption. The group was founded shortly after Charles Babbage's invention of the Analytical Engine in 1837, a design for a computer made purely out of mechanical parts. This was to be a flexible multi-purpose computer (later to be defined as a Turing Complete machine). As part of this endeavor was also Augusta Ada Byron countess of Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, who managed the impressive task of creating a programming language for a machine that did not yet exist. Sadly Babbage was a much better abstract thinker than engineer or organizer and his attempts to make an actual functioning machine were a complete failure. 

Babbage's idea of a machine that could surpass humanity inspired a select group of powerful and learned individuals who began to secretly meet and later become the Acolythi Machinae. The Acolythi Machinae represent the opposite of humanism. They believe that humanity is fundamentally flawed beyond repair and that it must have a more perfect entity to control it. However, as rationalists they do not believe in the existence of a god. The only logical solution in their eyes (and they value logic above all things) was to create a deity, a machine to be the god mankind needed. 

After Babbage's failure, the Acolythi Machinae secretly copied the blueprints of the Analytical Engine. They had many great engineers in their ranks who were able to solve all of the technical issues, and create a prototype capable of using Lovelace's code. The end result (finalized around the 1860s) was a machine less powerful than a pocket calculator, not even remotely powerful enough to be their new god; however, it still gave them an unfair advantage in financial transactions that made them unimaginably wealthy over the years. 

The Acolythi Machinae are single-minded in the pursuit of their new god and invested all their gains on further technology. In the late 20th century their early investments in technology -- in stock of companies like Bell, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple among many others (through their well-shielded holding companies) -- failed to bring about the perfect machine, but did further increase their now-immense assets. Furthermore, have no concerns about conventional morality or the consequences of their actions to others if it promotes the ascend of their machine deity. These are in essence cult fundamentalists who can't stand the lack of a god, making them the most dangerous secret society of them all. 

It is extremely difficult to determine if someone is a member of the Acolythi Machinae, but there are some hints that may point in that direction. They are all extremely smart and very well educated. They all know both programming and Latin, and are proficient in both. They also seem to have a strong preference for open source software. To them the act of regular individuals working for free in furtherance of the advancement of machines is an act of worship, and it is entirely possible that many of the open source communities were founded by the Acolythi Machinae.